DIVE INTO THE OCEAN, INC. is a Tennessee 501(c)(3) non-profit aimed at providing students access to the ocean sciences.  Through school-based programs, Dive into the Ocean provides real life  examples of concepts from national and state standard curriculum as well as hands-on activities.


Dr. Leslie will share stories of work being done by real  oceanographers that will touch on all aspects of the oceans: physics,  biology, geology, and chemistry.  Participants will not only learn about  the oceans and what it means to be an oceanographer, but they will also  learn about the scientific method and the joys of scientific discovery.


Dr. Leslie and the Dive into the Ocean team will bring the ocean to your  classroom with their fun, entertaining, hands-on programs.  Students  will "dive" from the ocean surface to the deepest ocean trenches.  Discover creatures so small they can only be seen with a microscope and  creatures so big they cover a basketball court!


About Dr Leslie

Dr. Leslie is an oceanographer and the founder and Executive Director of Dive into the  Ocean, Inc.  She is the primary performer and content developer for all  Dive into the Ocean shows.

Seeing the need to engage students in science education, Dr.  Leslie created the Dive into the Ocean show based around  state and national curriculum standards as well as fun and relevant to  students daily lives. 

With a quick smile and boundless energy, Dr. Leslie's enthusiasm and  love of science is infectious in the classroom.  She quickly builds a  rapport with the students and leaves students inspired that they too can become an oceanographer, a scientist, or  whatever their career dream.

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