Dive into the Ocean

Dr. Leslie will share stories of work being done by real oceanographers that will touch on all aspects of the oceans: physics, biology, geology, and chemistry. Participants will not only learn about the oceans and what it means to be an oceanographer, but they will also learn about the scientific method and the joys of scientific discovery.

Dr. Leslie and the Dive into the Ocean team will bring the ocean to your classroom wih their fun, entertaining, hands-on programs. Students will "dive" from the ocean surface to the deepest ocean trenches. Discover creatures so small they can only be seen with a microscope and creatures so big they cover a basketball court!

Current Programs

Large Assembly with Demonstration: 1-hr; $175

A lively, interactive discussion about the ocean sciences presenting science curriculum through the adventures of Dr. Leslie and her oceanographic colleagues. The assembly will culminate in a hands-on, inquiry-based demonstration of real oceanographic tools to analyze water samples and compare them to near-real time ocean data.

Classroom Lesson with Small Group Activity: 2-hrs, $350*

The same great adventures from the large assembly combined with small group based hands-on science experiments. Each group will receive a unique water sample. They will use oceanography tools and the information they learned in the presentation to "Dive In" and answer questions about their water sample.

Girls In Science Assembly: 45 min; $125

Perfect for Girl Scouts, or other girl-centered after-school clubs, this assembly focuses on how Dr. Leslie chose to become a scientist and empowers girls to focus on math and science to realize their career dreams.

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* Up to 50 students. Multiple classroom lessons may be booked for the same day or consecutive days at $275/lesson.

The Dive into the Ocean program is designed to incorporate state and national standards of learning and grade level expectations into our curriculum. See the standards we address in your state.

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