Dr. Leslie

Dr Leslie

Dr. Leslie is the founder and Executive Director of Dive into the Ocean, Inc. She is the primary performer and content developer for all Dive into the Ocean shows.

Seeing the need to engage students in science education, Dr. Leslie created the Dive into the Ocean show that was both based around state and national curriculum standards as well as fun and relevant to students daily life. What began as a talk to her elementary school alma mater has blossomed into a company and a show that schools look forward to year after year.

With a quick smile and boundless energy, Dr. Leslie's enthusiasm and love of science is infectious in the classroom. She quickly builds a rapport with the students and leaves students (especially girls) inspired that they too can become an oceanographer, a scientist, or whatever their career dream.

After graduating cum laude with a degree in Biology from Davidson College, Dr. Leslie received a PhD in Oceanography from the University of Rhode Island where she examined the impacts of wastewater input into Narragansett Bay. During that time, Dr. Leslie was also able to work with a US Senator, journalists, local schools, non-profits, as well as federal and state agencies to teach them about the Bay.

Throughout her life, Dr. Leslie has excelled in the interdisciplinary arena. Highlighting this, in 2010, Dr. Leslie received the national Emerging Public Policy Leadership Award by the American Institute of Biological Sciences for her work in Science Outreach and Communication as well as the University of Rhode Island's Ann Durbin Award for her work in biological research.

With a diverse skill set and endless enthusiasm, Dr. Leslie is able to bring to her shows not only an in-depth understanding of the scientific concepts, but a talent for teaching and a flair for presentations.

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